INEOS Compounds

Granules and PVC compounds

INEOS is an international corporation, Europe's largest producer of polyvinyl chloride S PVC. The companies in the Group are located in the United Kingdom, German, France, Switzerland and in Scandinavia.

INEOS is also the leader of the newest industry technologies, implementing Total Quality Management - a large-scale model of quality management.

Building and construction

INEOS products are widely used in construction. Thanks to them, all kinds of profiles, moldings, windows, gutters, siding, pipes and many other things we encounter every day are made.


High quality materials for medical applications are used e.g. in the production of oxygen masks, transparent tubes and blood storage bags. All compounds of this type meet the strict standards of the European Pharmacopoeia: and USP Class VI biocompatibility.

Cables and ducts

Specialized materials meet the BS, VDE, IEC and UL standards are used to produce all kinds of cables and casings used in the automotive, telecommunication and many other areas.


INEOS Compounds are present in a variety of containers intended for contact with food. A wide range of material properties allows using them in almost every type of packaging-bottles, foil, boxes and more.


Polymers with different parameters are used in the manufacture of flexible hoses for the transport of liquids, gases, or certain chemicals. A popular use are e.g. garden and fire hoses.


It's impossible to mention all the uses for plastics. But thanks to them we have got all those things which just make our lives easier and more convenient.

Special Materials

This type of materials are used in production of various mixtures of natural filling, such as WPC (containing wood flour) or RESYSTA (having the composition of rice hulls). This allows you to create materials with an almost unlimited number of uses.